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A TENAA certification appeared on the device believed to be a successor to the Reds series, and the photos confirm that they will have a camera inside the “tooth” on the screen.

A few days ago, we wrote about 3 devices that were found on the 3C certification, so it was expected that at least one of the Xiaomi devices would appear on another test. The smartphone that has appeared on the TENAA certification has the code M1901F9T, and the pictures can be inferred from some of the specifications that have not yet been verified. On the back, we see a double camera whose sensors are placed one below the other and below them, there is a flash. In the middle of the back, there is a fingerprint reader classically. From the front, we can see the selfie camera that is in the droplet-shaped “tooth”. From what has been announced for this device, we mention a screen that should have a diagonal 5.84 “, but also a 2900 mAh battery.

First 3C, now TENAA, and who knows which test will show the next Xiaomi device. We just hope that the next test will reveal a little more specification.

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