Xiaomi releases durability test video for Redmi Y3, confirms official name


Xiaomi is set to launch the Redmi Y3 next week. The Xiaomi Redmi Y3 is a mid-range device and it will be the first Xiaomi/Redmi phone that features a 32MP selfie camera. Ahead of the launch scheduled for next week, Xiaomi India has released a video in which it tests the build quality of the phone.

The length of the video is about a minute. The video confirms that the phone's name will be Redmi Y3. The rear of the phone will feature two cameras arranged in a vertical order. Below the cameras is a LED flash while a fingerprint sensor is located in the middle. The variant used in the video is blue but because of the design, it reflects all the colors of the rainbow depending on the angle light rays hit the glass back. One the front of the phone, there is a display with a waterdrop notch. On the notch is a 32 MP selfie shooter.

In the video, the Redmi Y3 is put in a wastebasket. The basket was rolled down a flight of stairs. Although the phone survives the fall, we didn't get to see close-up if the phone came out without any scratches or cracks. The durability test isn't very convincing as it doesn't replicate a real life scenario. We would still recommend you get a protective case if you were to purchase it especially since the phone is covered with glass on both sides.

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Xiaomi is set to announce the Redmi Y3 in India on the 24th of April. Along with the 32MP selfie camera which the Redmi Y3 sports, it will also pack a 4,000mAh battery with splash protection.

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