Xiaomi has stopped updating Android 8 for Mi A1 because of performance issues

The Android Oreo update was launched by Xiaomi for Mi A1 at the end of last year. However, after the “new life” of this new operating system, users began to complain because of too many errors arising.

Most are unresponsive application errors, including Camera, dialer, multitasking / recent applications, and light sensors. The swipe of the fingerprint sensor does not work, and the battery runs out of power quickly.

The dialer will work normally when the MyJio application is disabled

Xiaomi admitted Oreo Android updates for Mi A1’re having a little problem, and it has postponed this updated version. Specifically, Xiaomi India confirmed on the social network that the version of Android 8.0 would continue to launch in the next few weeks, after fixing the error.

At the Mi Community forum, Xiaomi’s representative posted a tip for users to solve the dialers’ problem, before receiving a patch update. Please uninstall the MyJio app from your phone, or if you still want to continue using this app, disable the “Phone” permission.

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