Your smartphone is already compatible with PS4 Remote Play

One of the exclusive features and advantages of Sony smartphones was to be able to play Play Station 4 remotely from our smartphone with the PS4 Remote Play application, only available for Sony devices, something that now changes, arriving at the Play Store for Any Android device

This movement could encourage the use of a function that raised a lot of interest, but given the need to have a Sony device, it was forgotten until practically diluted.

Everything you need to use PS4 Remote Play

The announcement has been made official through its official blog, where they have also mentioned that most devices will be compatible, the only requirement would be that the version of the device is Android 5.0 or higher. Only downloaded the application from Google Play Store, we can use the selected games on our smartphone, although yes, being under the same WiFi connection that our Play Station 4 is doing.

Download PS4 Remote Play

In our case, we have already tried to install the application on various devices without success, it is expected that the latest version of PS4 Remote Play will arrive very soon, as well as version 7.00 to Play Station 4, which will allow us then to enjoy this functionality

DualShock 4 compatible with Android 10 via Bluetooth

Another important improvement is the compatibility of DualShock 4 via Bluetooth for Android 10 users, which will make even more interesting the possibility of using PS4 Remote Play on our smartphone. These developments make the Play Station user remain satisfied with their possibilities, in view of the arrival of new services such as Google Stadia, the gaming platform created by Google that will officially arrive during the month of November.

Both the news that we have been able to know today and the price reduction for PlayStation Now, represent a step forward in the mobility and streaming section, one of the main faces of Google Stadia. Undoubtedly, the great PlayStation video game platform knows what it faces and the unique impact that could have on the industry the arrival of a revolution that begins to make the great leap of a company as powerful as Google.

We will see how both platforms evolve, in addition to Xbox, which will also have much to say in this fight, where Nintendo is also present and we should not forget about it or its Nintendo Switch, which continues to reap successes and does not seem to stop, but more quite the opposite.

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  1. How to connect my device new oppo A9 2020 with wireless ps4 controller sony for play pubg without banned

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