YouTube now wants to take more action against fake news on the video platform. Similar to Facebook, we are now introducing a kind of fact check. If someone is looking for a topic that is currently in the headlines and attracted by a lot of false information, then YouTube displays additional information in a special panel to prevent possible half-truths and misleading information.

The information panel is set to popping up when a user searches for a controversial topic known to circulate fake news. This will not stop anyone from calling videos with Fake News, but it will allow them to get more information. You can see an example on the following screenshot.

Someone was looking for the topic “virus in paracetamol” and then just received an indication that false reports are being spread. You can also see that YouTube then provides sources that have checked the messages. In some cases, such as conspiracy theories, a link to Wikipedia should appear. So YouTube handles it similar to Facebook and probably also uses the same sources/service providers for its fact check.

Currently, YouTube is not yet rolling out its new Fact Check internationally. Some users from India report that the feature is already armed for them. But it will only be a matter of time until you start with it worldwide.

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