YouTube Messaging Service is Shutting Down Officialy Reported
YouTube Messaging Service is Shutting Down Officialy Reported

YouTube has officially reported that the company is going to shut down its messaging service on 18th September 2019. YouTube messaging service has been active since 2017 and its finally going to get stopped by the next month.

This decision itself that too by a company like Google proves that it’s not easy to make a space in the social media world and the reason behind this is Facebook and its others owned social media services like WhatsApp and Instagram which are already ruling the world.

YouTube official message to stop the chat service

One of the employees from Google made an announcement about the removal of the YouTube messaging service by publishing a thread on the support page. The announcement was first spotted by 9to5Google. YouTube is also sending notifications to its app users. The notification reads, “Messages on YouTube will be going away after September 19, 2019.” You can also check out the inbox page if you didn’t receive the notification.

youtube notifiction related to killing of chat service

Why Google Made A Decision To Stop YouTube Chat?

The company said that they will now focus more on improving public conversations which are made through comments, posts, and stories.

However, there are few people who are using the YouTube chat service and they are serious about it. Using YouTube Chat’s, anyone can easily share YouTube videos directly from the chat’s interface without leaving the app. It can also be considered as a safe and good way to connect to new people on YouTube without compromising your primary social network details.

Google is also receiving many feedbacks and comments which are against its step to remove the YouTube Chat service. But, Google made this decision because the chat service was not able to attract the number of users as estimated by the company.

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