The Google team has kicked off the release of a new update of YouTube Music for Android: this is version 2.43.

Recall that in recent days the YouTube Music team announced that for this application would have adopted a two-week update cycle, with the aim of introducing the features most requested by users.

Analyzing the code of the new version of the app, the staff of 9to5Google has identified the references to a feature that should soon be made available to all users.

We refer to SmartRemote, feature already discovered in recent months and thanks to which it will be possible to manage playback on TV through a special virtual D-Pad with standard controls (up / down / left / right and a “Enter” key).

This smart remote will also count on dedicated keys to Cast and voice commands.

The new version of YouTube Music for Android (2.43.56) can be downloaded from the Google Play Store:

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