Youtube Premium Feature starts to reach all users Free

A few days ago, we mentioned that Google has released Picture-in-Picture functionality for all users in the United States of America. Well, today we have the information that the feature begins to reach all users worldwide.

Picture-in-picture functionality was only available to all Premium users, however, the Mountain View company believed that the new feature should be free for all Android users. 

What is Picture-in-picture on YouTube

In a simple way, Picture-in-picture allows users to minimize the Youtube application but continue to watch the video that was running in a corner of the phone. With the video to be played, the user can enter another application without interfering directly with the video being played. 

When will the functionality reach your YouTube App

There are no concrete dates yet, but the new functionality has already reached users in Italy. That is, it is a sign that Google has started to launch the feature worldwide.

When it does, it will not be long until Portugal receives the functionality. Although I do not put my hands on the fire, I believe Picture-in-picture will come to our application in the next few days. In fact, you can always see if you already have it active. 

How to activate Picture-in-picture on Youtube

First, confirm that you have the Youtube application in the latest version. Go to the Google Play Store and confirm that you do not have something to say “refresh.” Afterward, open the “Settings”, go to “General” and if you have the active mode you will see the Picture-in-picture indication.

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