Zenith Bank Transfer Code & Recharge Code: Simple Ways To Use It

Zenith Bank Transfer Code

Zenith bank has also followed suit in bringing out their own Zenith Bank Transfer Code – *966#. The code is dubbed #EazyBanking and is popularly used to transfer funds from a Zenith bank account to another zenith bank account or any other bank account. However, the code is capable of doing much more than that. For starters, it can also recharge your line as well as other third-party phone numbers at your request. It can also be used to pay bills, check account balance and even open an account with.

Open An Account With *966#

With the Zenith Bank USSD Code, you can open an account without having to Visit the bank or fill any form whatsoever. All that is required of you is just dial *966 *0# to get started and follow the on-screen prompts. Of course, you can will have to provide things like your name, surname, etc. Along with your BVN to finalize the process. Once the account is opened for you, your account number gets sent to you via SMS on the phone number you registered with.

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How To Transfer Funds With Zenith Bank Transfer Code

Transferring money has never been easier. Thanks to Zenith Bank Eazybanking, You can transfer funds to another Zenith bank account or to any other bank using the Zenith bank transfer code. To Transfer money to a Zenith bank account or any other bank account in Nigeria, just dial *966 *amount *account number#. For example, *966 *5000 *1234567890#

How To Buy Airtime with Zenith Bank Recharge Code

You can buy airtime from your phone by using the *966# Code. The service is only available for Mtn, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile for now. To buy the airtime for yourself, dial *966 *amount#. For example, dial *901 *500# and N500 gets debited from your account and gets credited to your line linked to your Zenith bank account.

To buy airtime for others, simply dial *966 *amount *recipient’s phone number#. For example, dial *966 *500 * 08011223344# and N500 gets debited from your account and sent to the phone number.

How To Check Account Balance With *966#

You can also check your Zenith bank account balance by using the code. All you have to do is just dial *966 *00# on the phone number attached/linked to the Zenith bank account. Once you do that, your account balance gets sent to you almost immediately.

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Wrapping Up

People with feature phones won’t feel left out when Smartphone users are making use of the Zenith Bank Mobile banking app. The USSD code brings almost every feature in the app to everyone. This way, people with feature phones can also transact easily, more importantly, they won’t even have to bother about internet connection/data.


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