The sub-brand of Nubia, or ZTE, has unveiled a new and interesting smartband, which the company defines “the most advanced wearable in the world”. The new wearable takes the name of nubia-α that can also be called Nubia Alpha and is able to perform the same functions as a smartphone, as stated by the company.

ZTE would be ready to launch nubia-α in the next quarter

The teaser shown by ZTE in fact demonstrates the ability of the smartband to make calls to our contacts, find our device, play music, take pictures and count steps.

What seems to be a hybrid between smartphones and smartwatch, which we could better call “smartphone wrist”, has a flexible color OLED display and the ability to connect to the cellular network.

Next to the display are some surfaces, the one on the right houses the camera, which apparently would also be able to make video calls, along with the microphone below, notable through the slot. The left one instead appears empty, presumably containing some type of sensor.

The ZTE device remembers the flexible phone launched by Lenovo some time ago and the company would even be ready to launch in the next quarter, thus making it clear that what was announced is not a concept but something far more concrete.

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All that remains is to wait for more news in the coming months, waiting for the announcement by ZTE for the official launch date. The device can undoubtedly represent an evolutionary step of the current smartwatch, revolutionizing the sector and making the smartphone more and more disappear from our hands.


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