There is a new sensation out there that soon WhatsApp status will receive monetization on the status posts soon. Read more about it here.

As the saying goes, there’s no free lunch in Freetown. As such, those who make use of the social networking app known as WhatsApp will soon get ads popping up on the status page where you see the 24-hour messages in forms of memes, pictures, videos, etc that your friends post.

No doubt, the social networking tool has proved invaluable for quite some time now. Basically speaking, there are more than a billion people using WhatsApp every month. In Europe, South America, and Asia, it was recently stipulated that about 600 million people use WhatsApp from those countries. The report didn’t mention users from North America and in Africa.

No doubt, WhatsApp has become the most globally diverse messaging service. Thereby, it proves hugely popular as a cross-messaging platform app, allowing users to chat with individuals or groups, as well as making it possible for file sharing activities, some of which include video transfers.

Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp in 2014 for $22 billion USD. No doubt, he hasn’t recouped that money yet. At the time WhatsApp was bought, it was estimated that the network had only made much lesser than that.

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It makes sense that in about a year now, and thinking about the waves of financial issues getting more and more unpredictable, Facebook owner would love to raise funds through the app that at this present time is probably the top growing platform for connecting with friends and family.

Another reason, as given by Chris Daniels, a VP at Facebook, is that WhatsApp will also become a way for businesses to contact leads. Though businesses have been reaching people up to the present time, it appears that there will come into it innovation that will catapult it into new beginnings. In this way, many businesses will want to make use of the platform all the more for business.

The rumor about monetization of WhatsApp isn’t something new. It has been going on for years. However, with the top executives of Facebook coming out to make real comments about the platform becoming a money-making pot, it seems the reality is here.


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