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Although the ZUK submarine was killed by Lenovo some time ago, during the last release of the S5, K5 and K5 Play models the manufacturer informed the world about the new version of the system overlay – ZUI 4.0 – running on the 8.0 Oreo Android. The update will get to a lot of Lenovo devices, but it is more interesting that the new version will also go to ZUK Edge, ZUK Z2, and ZUK Z2 Pro models!


The version of the overlay marked with the number 4.0 will be based on Android Oreo, as the rumors appeared already in December last year. What’s more, a few days before the release of Lenovo S5 (which works under the control of ZUI 3.7 – also on Android Oreo), the Chinese manufacturer strongly boasted about the speed and operation of the overlay.

The most interesting information from the presentation, however, is the fact that the new version of the software will appear on the ZUK Edge, Zuk Z2, and ZUK Z2 Pro telephones. Few people expected that the manufacturer would release a new Android on the models of its sub-brand, and here such a surprise…

As for the update itself, Lenovo intends to focus a lot on personalization and intelligent optimization of devices. The producer also wants to add to this smartphones a substitute for artificial intelligence, which in recent times we can meet practically everywhere. This is to make even older devices be able to run smoothly for a long time after the premiere because the software will analyze the applications and manage their work (clearing the cache and removing from RAM). A similar solution appeared at the end of 2016 in the overlay Meizu – Flyme OS 6 – and is called One Mind.

Another important element is the privacy and security of users. ZUI 4.0 will be able to automatically filter calls and SMS messages, all thanks to the use of a database (blacklist) containing millions of phone numbers and SMS messages.

The producer plans to start the update process in June. The devices that will receive the update include ZUK Edge, Zuk Z2 Pro, and ZUK Pro, as well as some versions of Motorola Z2 Play from Chinese distribution.

What do you think about this update? A very good move from Lenovo that it still remembers ZUK users.

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